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July 29, 2022


Undoubtedly, floors are the most difficult thing to clean. The floor is one area that certainly incorporates the toughest stains, dust, and crumbs quickly. From dirty footsteps, having meals, and everything between, the floor can become grubby in no time. And this is the reason, dangerous germs, illness-causing viruses, and microscopic bacteria can be tracked around the home. With so many different types of surfaces, it’s important to know which household cleaning products and methods are best suited.

Using the wrong household cleaning products could cause long-term damage to any surface and thus increase the infection which leads to new outbreaks. Consequently, we have put together our best products with proper instruction for cleaning all types of surfaces, from tiles, marbles, and wood flooring to cemented floors.

Tips for Cleaning Soft Surfaces
Regardless of which type of floor you have, there are a few go-to tips and tricks to stop the spread of germs, viruses, and other harmful bacteria by reducing grime, toughest stains, and dirt on the floor.

Cleaning the Floor Daily – This will prevent the spread of illness-causing germs by eliminating the build-up of dust, crumbs, pet hair, and dirt. Make sure to use Germonil White Phenyl Mosquito Repellent Floor Cleaner for day-to-day cleaning.

Daily Floor Mopping – Floor mopping will eliminate the sticky grease and toughest stains that are caused by meal prepping. Micro fiber dusters are the talk of the town at the moment, and that’s really for a good reason. They definitely do a great job of floor mopping and don’t need rinsing.

No shoe policy – Implementing a ‘no shoe policy’ inside your home can significantly diminish the dirt on your floor. Allow your kids and family members to use home slippers. If this option is not suitable, invest in a tough doormat to guarantee dirt is not brought into your home by visitors.

Avoid scrubbing sponges – It can be tempting to use a scrubbing sponge on the floor if you are facing a gunky stain but make sure you don’t. Because it will scratch the floor, causing it more susceptible to deep dirt stains. Alternatively, use a black phenyl with water for floor cleaning.

Tips for Cleaning Hard Surfaces
Use Black Phenyl with water to clean hard surfaces areas including military areas, hospitals, hotels, public restrooms, offices, corporate workplaces, and many more to gently remove stains and stop the spread of germs and viruses.
Trishul Black phenyl is one of the leading tarcol-based floor cleaner products to remove extremely stubborn stains and kills 99.9% of germs. With an advanced 10X cleaning formula and a strong deodorizing fragrance, the product was manufactured under a drug license and first to get the ISI mark in India.

Proper Maintenance – It’s worth the effort
Floor mopping or surface cleaning can be considered a chore, but once you get into the habit of day-to-day cleaning and weekly maintenance, it will not be a chore at all. Maintaining a sparkling clean floor is worth it as it keeps the germs at bay. Impress your guests by simply keeping the whole space clean, and safe.

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