Trishul® Ultrawash Detergent Powder

Trishul Ultra Wash Detergent Powder Powered with Lemon and Enzymes prevents shrinkage and provides color protection for your valuable clothes. Tough on Stains. Suitable for hand and machine wash.


Retail Packaging 125gms/1kg/2kg/3kg/4kg/5kg/20kg

Why We’re India’s Best Detergent Powder?

At TrishulHomeCare, we proudly claim the title of India’s best detergent powder for some very good reasons. Our special blend of lemon and enzymes makes our detergent super effective at getting rid of tough stains while also keeping your clothes looking new for longer.

Whether you’re washing by hand or using a machine, our detergent always gets the job done right. Plus, we offer different sizes of packaging to suit your needs, from small to big. When it comes to laundry, TrishulHomeCare is the top choice for households all over India, thanks to our unbeatable quality and performance.

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