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The Right Fabric Detergent matters

Choosing the right Multipurpose Detergent for your washer that is suitable for all loads (Top Load, Front Load, and Hand Wash) is an important part of your laundry process.

For our valued consumers, washing clothes is no more concern as we have introduced our best quality multipurpose detergent powered with Neem extract which prevents shrinkage, maintains colors, combats the toughest stains with its deep penetrating and foaming action. So whether it is your sticky handprints appearing on your couch or a wine goes flying, you can be rest assured with our best detergent.

Detergent for fully-automatic washing machines

Trishul Ultrawash Multipurpose Detergent ensures a quick and gentle cleaning and perfect for everyday clothes washing. Ultrawash Detergent is suitable for both fully automatic machine & handwash Clothes, safe for all types of fabrics, woollen, silks etc. We have the best detergent that comes in a well-differentiated 1kg retail pack.

Fresh Clothes, Fresh Life with Trishul Fabric Detergent

Ultrawash Detergent is an ideal household product to wash your dirty and smelly clothes. It will produce enough suds while washing to get those dirty garments clean. Get an outstanding stain removal in just one wash with Ultrawash Detergent.

Our specially formulated detergent not only leaves your clothes fresh and clean but also takes care of your washing machine. Its advanced technology is designed to be gentle on your machine, ensuring it stays in excellent condition, saving you money on repairs. With Ultrawash, you're not only getting clean, stain-free clothes but also the assurance of a well-maintained washing appliance, providing convenience and peace of mind in your laundry routine. Enjoy the freshness and longevity of your clothes and your washing machine with Trishul Ultrawash Detergent.

Frequently Asked Question

A. A sort of cleaning product made from tiny, light particles is detergent powder. It is used to clean surfaces including glass, furniture, clothing, and counters as well as fabrics.

A. Surfactants, soaps, enzymes, fragrances, stabilisers, "builders" (to alter the pH and/or deal with water hardness), optical brighteners, and occasionally bleach and activators make up washing detergent powder.

A. The best detergent powders in India, in our opinion, are Tide Plus Double Power Detergent Washing Powder, Trishul Ultrawash Detergent Powder, and Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder. To choose a powder that best meets your needs, you can browse our whole list.

A. Follow our laundry advice on how to use powder detergent to obtain the best results from your laundry:
- Check the label for the dosing directions.
- To measure out the proper dose, use the scoop.
- Add the powder detergent to the drawer if using a front-loading washer.
- Place the clothing in the drum after adding the detergent.
- Ensure that you always keep the detergent out of children's reach.

A. The top 4 laundry detergent powders:
1. Washing powder Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergent
2. Rin Advanced Washing Powder
3. Trishul Ultrawash Washing Powder Detergent
4. The washing powder with Ariel Matic top load detergent