Fabric Care

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The Right Detergent matters

Choosing the right Multipurpose Detergent for your washer that is suitable for all loads (Top Load, Front Load, and Hand Wash) is an important part of your laundry process.

For our valued consumers, washing clothes is no more concern as we have introduced our best quality multipurpose detergent powered with Neem extract which prevents shrinkage, maintains colors, combats the toughest stains with its deep penetrating and foaming action. So whether it is your sticky handprints appearing on your couch or a wine goes flying, you can be rest assured with our best detergent.

Detergent for fully-automatic washing machines

Trishul Ultrawash Multipurpose Detergent ensures a quick and gentle cleaning and perfect for everyday clothes washing. Ultrawash Detergent is suitable for both fully automatic machine & handwash Clothes, safe for all types of fabrics, woollen, silks etc. We have the best detergent that comes in a well-differentiated 1kg retail pack.

Fresh Clothes, Fresh Life

Ultrawash Detergent is an ideal household product to wash your dirty and smelly clothes. It will produce enough suds while washing to get those dirty garments clean. Get an outstanding stain removal in just one wash with Ultrawash Detergent.