Indoor Sanitation

The Most Effective Surface Disinfectant

Trishul Sanit Home - a powerful surface disinfectant and complete solution especially manufactured for both indoor and outdoor areas to fight against viruses and germs. It is the perfect solution for mopping, surface cleaning, and fumigation to keep you and your loved ones get protected from illness causing viruses and germs. With its strong and powerful oxidizing action, we can use this product with all kinds of fumigation machines and tunnels. Trishul surface disinfectant is always welcomed by medical professionals.

Tough on Germs

It is easy-to-use and extremely affordable product. Its long lasting effect protects your surroundings with every spray. It is must for indoor and outdoor surroundings including Hospitals, Vehicles, Malls, Railway Station, Homes, Schools, Corporate Office, Super Markets, Workplace, etc.

  • Safe for Human Skin in Proper Dilution
  • Non Irritant
  • Safe for Internal and External Use