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Best Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer/Supplier & Instant Hand Sanitizing Solution

We all want to keep our family and loved ones protected and healthy. Trishul Hand Sanitizer is the perfect solution for this. With its Ethyl Alcohol and Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution, it kills 99.9% Germs and Viruses in just 10 seconds of contact time. Trishul Hand Sanitizer will keep you and your loved ones healthy by preventing the spread of harmful bacteria from one person to the next. It will keep your skin soft and supple. Take care of your hands by regularly using a protective alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer.

Right Way to Sanitize Your Hands

  • Apply a few drops of Hand Sanitizer in a cupped hand.
  • Gently rub your hands palm to palm.
  • Rub your right palm over the left dorsum with interlaced fingers and the same with the other palm.
  • Once dry, your hands are safe.