Outdoor Sanitation

Best Sodium Hypochlorite Solution & Effective Sanitation Products

Introducing Trishul Sodium Hypochlorite Solution - a powerful disinfectant spray and fumigation solution manufactured especially for outdoor surroundings and other surfaces to fight against Viruses and Germs. It is the most effective deodorizing agent and a very strong oxidizing action which is a must for heavy traffic areas like Hospitals, Workplace, Buses, Railway Station, Markets, Streets, Schools, Malls, Corporate Offices, etc.

Germs ko Maro!

Trishul sanitation products always keep your surroundings protected and safe.

  • Complete Sanitation and Fumigation Solution
  • Useful for Outdoor Sanitation
  • A Very Powerful Oxidizing Agent
  • Strong Bleaching Agent
  • A Powerful Disinfectant and Deodorizing Agent
  • For External Use Sanitation Products

At a time, when the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic has spread across the globe, it is very essential to sanitize your surroundings, disinfect highly traffic areas and take every possible preventive measure to keep the people safe and protected. Sanitation Products like Sodium Hypochlorite Solution can effectively safeguard your family, home, and surroundings against the virus, germs, and bacteria. Sodium Hypochlorite Solution is one of the best Sanitation Products to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

From Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, you can sanitize everything such as your home (outside), roads, hospitals, etc., including high-touch surfaces which need to be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected daily to ensure maximum protection from virus, germs, and other illness-causing bacteria for your family and you.

Sanitation products help to eliminate or significantly reduce microorganisms from infected areas and are very essential in any disinfection process.