Naphthalene Balls

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Keep Your Clothes Safe From Moths

No one likes it, when their clothes are infected, faded, torn, and surrounded by insects, bugs, and moths. This is why, it is necessary to keep your garments protected, guarded, and shiny as always. Keeping moth repellent Naphthalene Balls inside your closet, cupboard, and almirah can help your garments last longer with care.

Looking for the best Moth Repellent Naphthalene Balls?

Trishul, being one of the most trusted brands in the domain of home care products, we are actively engaged in providing finest quality moth repellent Naphthalene Balls at a pocket friendly price in the industry. Trishul Naphthalene Balls are manufactured and processed using highest quality natural ingredients and other chemical compounds with the aid of modern techniques.

Looking to buy Naphthalene Balls?

With over 4 decades of experience in the home care industry, our excellent moth repellent Naphthalene Balls are extensively used for preserving clothes by keeping the moth away. You can also place them in bathrooms, book shelf, kitchen, suitcase, and washbasins to provide natural hygiene environment. If you want to buy Trishul Naphthalene Balls, feel free to connect with us.

Frequently Asked Question

A. Naphthalene balls are a type of organic insecticide that can be used to protect stored items, plants, and clothing from damage by moths. These balls contain a mixture of naphthalene derivatives (a class of chemicals related to naphtha) and pyrethrum (a plant-derived pesticide).

A. Naphthalene balls melt slowly. When put in clothes, they sublimate without leaving any traces. They work by acridity which is a chemical reaction between naphthalene and an organic substance in the environment.

A. Naphthalene balls, also known as mothballs or fragrance balls, are used to get rid of the smell of garments. Their role is to drive away any kind of insects which could damage the clothes.

A. Insects like moths and silverfish can be repelled or killed using naphthalene balls. It controls unpleasant odors in toilets and bathrooms & keep cockroaches out of your home. Naphthalene balls are frequently used to preserve things free of bacteria.

A. Naphthalene balls are pesticide that can be used in a number of ways to kill pests. If we eat this poison, harm internal organs, because they work by disrupting the nerve impulses that control insect functioning and survival.