July 29, 2022


Dengue is the most dreaded and rapidly spreading viral disease caused by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which commonly breeds in stagnant water. It is one of the growing threats to public health infecting millions of people a year and hence, prevention is always better than cure. According to the research, approx 50 million dengue infections occur annually. However, India marked as one of the top countries at risk for dengue.

If we look at case fatality rates, it is approximately 1% in the countries except India, Indonesia, and Myanmar which have the case fatality rates of 3-5%. Actively, dengue control and prevention are implemented through strategy.

Dengue Treatment
Naturally, there are no specific treatments for dengue, but there are many supportive cares used to help with the dengue symptoms. In addition, avoid areas with standing and stagnant water. In order to get rid of mosquitoes, you need to remove their entire breeding habitat that include stagnant water and to do so, check out for damp areas. Make sure to cover your toilet bowls and trash bins. Never let the wet waste accumulate near you. Besides, using mosquito repellent is another way of protecting yourself from dengue as you can apply it while going out.

Control mosquitoes inside and outside your home
To keep mosquitoes outside, use screens on windows and doors. Make sure to keep insect repellent and thus use it to prevent mosquitoes bite. Empty your items and throw the items which hold water.

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