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Browse all Trishul dish care products below the perfect solution for your kitchen and utensil.

Quality Dish Wash Gel Manufacturer

Being one of the most reputed Dish Wash Gel Manufacturer, we produce best in class dish wash gel for domestic and commercial use as well. Our product is ideal for non-stick cookware, glass, crockery, stainless steel, ceramics etc as it removes tough stains and grease from utensils in a single wash.

Dish wash gel, with its advanced 3X formula and power of lemons gives you a pleasant cleaning experience without leaving any residue. It keeps your expensive utensil clean with its pleasant lemon fragrance and sparkling shine. As the top dish wash gel manufacturer, we have a wide range of dish wash gel that comes with a well-differentiated pack of 250ml and 500ml retail packing and is suitable for everyday cleaning in kitchen.