Black disinfectant fluid name black phenyle manufactured under strict quality control. The black phenyle keeps away flies and mosquitoes. Black disinfectant fluid name black phenyle manufactured under strict quality control. The black phenyle keeps away flies and mosquitoes. We offer the black phenyle range at affordable prices. Packing : 500 ml & 5 lit etc.   White phenyle  is a disinfecting agent made from pine oil. It is made by using an emulsifier- a compound that allows an oil to stably make a solution with water. White phenyle is used as a cleaning product to remove odors and kill bacteria. White Phenyl is a deodorant fluid, used in bathrooms, hotels, restaurants,etc. latest White Phenyl @ 2021 Concentrate Manufacturer from New DelhiBlack phenyle is a dark brown or black liquid that is manufactured as a powerful disinfectant. Black phenyle is most often used in hotels, hospitals, military facilities,homes, and animal farms, among other places. Black Phenyl is a disinfectant which is used in lavatories, drains and places where micro organisms develop.the demand of white phenylis more than black phenyl.  Best phenyl brand in India; we are the best phenyl brand in India that provide home hygiene products such as  disinfectant floor cleaner, Trishul Phenyl, white phenyl, black phenyl, etc. Find the best phenyl brand in India and get rid of toughest stains through Trishul phenyl, white phenyl, and black phenyl at the best price. Explore more about Trishul phenyl and white phenyl. Searching for the best floor cleaner like White Phenyl, Surface Cleaner, Black Phenyl, and many more disinfectant floor cleaner? Then you are at the right place, whether you want Black Phenyl, Surface Cleaner, best floor cleaner or any disinfectant floor cleaner, we have got you all covered. Buy the best surface cleaner at the best price. Find here Best Floor Cleaner, Disinfectant Floor Cleaner,Surface Cleaner,Black Phenyl & White Phenyle, manufacturers, suppliers in India. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying White Phenyl, White Phenyle, Diluted Surface Cleaner,Black Phenyl & Best Floor Cleaner across Pan India.

Glass cleaner spray - During the times of Novel Coronavirus pandemic, most cleaning businesses are offering detailed information about the glass cleaner spray. Almost everyone today, promote for go green, health-related, hygienic, and natural things which may contain elements that can further guard us from unhealthy and pollution environmental issues and problems. Best Glass Cleaner - If you are looking for one of the best glass cleaner suppliers, sellers, and manufacturers in the market that provide the harmful-free chemicals, safe, hygienic products, simpler, and easier cleaning products then you are at the right place.   Trishulhomecare, India's floor cleaner, is highly recommended by the Indian Medical Association. The disinfectant floor cleaner contains a distinctive formulation that kills upto 99% germs and gives 10 times better cleaning and germ protection than Phenyl and regular detergent. Phenyle Concentrate- Offering you a complete choice of products which include white phenyl,Black Phenyl Concentrate finds its application in military, hospitals, animal farms, hotels, and residential apartments. It is a dark brown to black colored liquid which can be formulated using castor oil. This concentrate is added in water in desired quantities and can either be applied using a cloth or directly poured on the floor. It can also be availed in different flavors that provides mesmerizing aroma to the atmosphere.

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Hygienic surface cleaner like Trishul Black phenyl and White Phenyl are a necessity that everybody needs to have in their home, office, and apartments. It helps you clean your home much faster and efficiently.

We're proud to offer world-class disinfectant floor cleaner that reduce the build-up of harmful chemicals. Being the best floor cleaner brand in India, we provide high-quality disinfectant floor cleaner products that will give you a little scour power to clean surfaces instantly - whether it's your home or workplace. We're able to tailor orders to potential client's requests and distributors.

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Today, we are highly rated as the best floor cleaner brand in India in providing the best home hygiene products and we constantly work very hard to further maintain the same. At Trishul, we cover a huge range of commercial as well as residential floor cleaner supplies from white phenyl and surface cleaner to black phenyl. Now give your home a new lease of life with high quality products which keeps your floor looking the best for longer.

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