Trishul® Sparkle Glass Cleaner Spray

Trishul Sparkle is a leading glass cleaner which cleans all kind of glass surfaces, metal surfaces, and appliances. Its unique ultra-shine formula enables a smooth cleaning process. It comes with a well differentiate pack with trigger spray that is suitable for everyday cleaning all-around home. Trishul Sparkle is handy while applying directly on the stain/surface, leaving a sparkling surface without any stain and provides a pleasant fragrance all around.


Retail Packaging 500ml/5Ltr

What Makes Our Glass Cleaner Spray Ideal for Your Daily Glass Cleaning Routine?

At Trishul Home Care, we understand the importance of maintaining sparkling clean glass surfaces in your daily life. That’s why our Glass Cleaner Spray is the perfect solution for all your glass cleaning needs.

Our Glass Cleaner Spray offers several key benefits that make it the ideal choice for your day-to-day glass cleaning tasks:

Streak-Free Shine: Say goodbye to unsightly streaks and smudges on your glass surfaces. Our advanced formula ensures a streak-free shine every time, leaving your windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces sparkling clean.

Powerful Cleaning Action: Our Glass Cleaner Spray is specially formulated to dissolve and lift away dirt, grime, and grease with ease. From fingerprints to water spots, our powerful cleaning action ensures thorough and efficient cleaning results.

Quick and Convenient: With our easy-to-use spray bottle, cleaning your glass surfaces has never been more convenient. Simply spray, wipe, and admire the flawless finish in no time.

Versatile Usage: Our Glass Cleaner Spray is suitable for a wide range of glass surfaces, including windows, mirrors, glass doors, and more. Whether it’s in your home, office, or car, our versatile cleaner delivers exceptional results everywhere.

Safe and Eco-Friendly: We prioritize safety and sustainability in our products. Our Glass Cleaner Spray is made with environmentally friendly ingredients that are gentle on both surfaces and the planet.

Experience the difference with Trishul Home Care’s Glass Cleaner Spray and enjoy streak-free shine and sparkling clean glass surfaces every day. Make it your go-to solution for all your glass cleaning needs!

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